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Do you ever have a thing – an object or a space in your house or a project on your list – that gives you an inner shudder everytime you see or think of it?

This week, while mostly being completely stuck inside our house due to the inferior air quality, I took a moment to think about those things and how I could fix them or create boundaries around it so I don’t have to mentally deal with it anymore!

  1. Dishwasher Safe

I have found that I really would prefer that all of my dishes end up in the dishwasher at the end of the day, rather than being that 1 dish that just sits in the sink because it needs hand washing. Now, I used to be a die-hard hand washing fan. In my adult life, there have probably been fewer than 50% of those years where I had access to a dishwasher in my house. I kind of enjoy the process. Or, I used to. Now, with 2 kids and all of us home all day – we somehow manage to use up nearly every drinking glass available in a matter of 24 hours. I am not sure how it is possible. Needless to say, I don’t really feel like hand washing ANYTHING at the end of the day chasing the kids and trying to keep some level of productivity or self care for myself on top of it.

So, my new rule – must be dishwasher safe! We get random things and SO MANY TRAVEL MUGS EVEN THOUGH WE NEVER GO ANYWHERE and they are often not meant fora dishwasher. Well, either they go in there anyway now or they go away.

2. Cleaning Out the Closet

I had a pile of clothing already gaining height in the garage, waiting for a day when I’d hold a yard sale… then I added a lot to it this week and decided we’ll probably never get around to that. Sometimes the work that goes into making a few bucks on a garage sale or online listing just doesn’t feel worth it! So we’ll be off-loading a car load that fully touches the ceiling of our SUV sometime this weekend at one of our local thrift shops – if you’re in need of kids or maternity clothes, be on the lookout!

3. Treat Yo Self!

I’m clearing out some of the items on my To Do list by… actually doing them! Often these things are just a matter of hitting the Buy Now button online, and I often put those things off hoping for a sale or something. I just went for it this week! And it honestly feels good. On my list included finally ordering our new mattress (because we have literally been using our old Queen mattress on top of a new King size bed frame for about 2 weeks lol) and some additional tile we needed to finish up our kitchen project! I can’t wait to get those projects scratched off my list!

What are some of the items you’ve been putting off that you either need to check off the list or let it go? Hey! Sometimes the thing on your TO DO list you might realize will never get done, so it should be let go!

Here are some ideas if you’re not sure: Do you need to clean your fridge? Do you need to cancel that digital subscription you never use? Do you need buy an extra set of sheets? Would some fresh flowers on your coffee table make you happy? How about a new cozy rug for your bedroom floor?

Comment below with your next step to clean up or clear out (or bring in)!