We are currently limiting orders each month in an effort to both sustain our business but offer up some other businesses which you can support locally so we can all weather this storm together!

We only do take out but can also deliver in Cosi, Aberdeen, or Hoquiam. Once you make an order, we’ll follow up directly to discuss how you’d like to receive your pies.

For full transparency, we’re lucky to have very low overhead and few costs to run our businesses. We know so many other small businesses really need your support in order to stay afloat. Food businesses are not cheap to operate! Besides food, restaurant owners pay hefty rents, electric bills (imagine running an oven all day every day!), they have staff, probably loans, and… the permits and licensing and taxes! It’s a lot. Even for our small micro food biz, we make sales but also just barely cover costs.

I encourage those of you who have the means and aren’t so in fear of losing your livelihood (as some of our small business owners are now experiencing) to find ways to support at least 1 or 2 businesses at this time.

We’re offering gift cards on our website. We only need to make about 8 sales per month to cover our costs. After I make these 8 sales, I’m going to turn off sales so that you can spend your money with another business instead.

See below for some of our local favorites!



Sold out!



Coming soon:

Bacon Egg and Cheese Pie

Strawberry Pie

Apple Pie



Coming soon:

Broccoli & Cheese Pie

Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

Apple Pie


Brass Hub Coffeebar

1101 1st Street, Cosmopolis, WA

Savory Faire

315 Pioneer Ave, Montesano, WA

Brunch 101

716 Simpson Ave, Hoquiam, WA

Steam Donkey Brewing

101 East Wishkah, Aberdeen, WA

Tinderbox Coffee

1019 E Wishkah, Aberdeen, WA

Urban Juice Factory

214 South Main St, Montesano, WA

Ocean Palace

112 East Wishkah, Aberdeen, WA