Oh Hi Magazine is a project I launched in 2021 to reveal more about small town living, small business, and going your own way.

After many years working in the Marketing and Events industry (15+ years!) I was burnt out, a little lost, and overloaded with the new life of motherhood and home ownership. Out of my frustrations and struggles came Oh Hi Handpies, a cottage bakery focused on local ingredients… and from there, exanding on the idea of local, is Oh Hi Magazine.

I believe in building the life that works for you, instead of feeling the constant need to fit in. This magazine is about finding the off the beaten path places, ideas, people and products that can help enlighten and entertain you along the way.

The magazine goes beyond our local Grays Harbor and is about small, local living wherever you are. How can you appreciate and support your own community, family and small businesses?

From many years of experience, I know that good marketing needs to be dynamic, personal and visually appealing.

My goal here is to shine a light on your business and give you more tools to help you reach new customers and build confidence. We don’t sell flat ad space. We create a story with you and collaborate to make a real impact.

If you want to tell your story through dynamic photography and a real voice, working in partnership with you to ensure success, then advertising with us might be right for you!

Our advertising program is dynamic. What you get is more than a clickable link or ad space. We want to experience your product, business or town and capture it in photography and video. From there we share it with our followers via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and our own email list.

This also isn’t just an influencer account. We are telling real stories and discussing real issues. And beyond sponsored advertising posts, I want to give you the content we create and help you determine how and where to share it on your end as well.


What’s Included?

We have three packages available currently:

  • Indie Business Feature
  • 60 minute photoshoot and interview
    500-800 word article in Digital Magazine and online blog
    TikTok and Instagram Reel: unboxing or studio tour
    Step by Step Sharing Guide for your photo package and article with social media prompts

  • Retail/Restaurant Feature
  • Instagram Story Feature with tags
    Experience Photography Package (6 images)
    Magazine 1/2 Page Ad for 3 months

  • Small Town Tour
  • 3 Night/4 Day Visit to your Small Town
    5 designated features to include photography, social media posts plus general area photography
    Digital Magazine Feature Story
    Full City Guide on Blog with links to area businesses, restaurants and other features
    Full Page Digital Magazine Ad for 3 months

Marketing is about catching someone’s eye and making them feel welcome, informed and excited!

I first picked up a professional camera in 2009 and I believe it has been one of my most valuable skills. Through photography, I have made immediate positive impacts on my businesses as well as those clients I’ve worked with. Good photography builds trust with your customers, it shows your products clearly and in recognizable situations, it makes them feel something.

This is why I want my magazine to be so photography heavy and I believe it is the most valuable asset for an advertising program. Working with Oh Hi means we’re partners and working toward a common goal.

If you care about your customers and believe they are well informed, tasteful and community oriented people – you will find them in the readers at Oh Hi Magazine.

Let's Get Started

We take a limited number of partnering advertisers each month! Please send a message and let me know more about your business, profession or town that you would like to feature. We will reach out soon to discuss!

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