Oh Hi! I’m Britta, owner/baker/photographer/delivery driver of Oh Hi Handpies!

I started Oh Hi after a career in varied high-stress industries like marketing and event planning. Once I became a mom, I knew those high-stress environments were not sustainable for me! Starting a family brought with it more interest in homesteading and farming. Oh Hi was a way for me to work from home AND learn more about our local economy and food growing potential here in Grays Harbor.

I started baking handpies after a trip to England where I learned of (and became obsessed with) pasties. While I only currently sell sweet hand pies, I do love a good meat and potato pie!


I competed in the Washington Coastworks Business Development Competition while planning this business, working on a team for 6 months creating a business plan and pitching on stage in a competition in Sequim, Washington.

Despite not winning (bummer!), we continued to launch in November 2019 in the back kitchen of a local coffee shop. Once COVID shut things down, we converted to a home kitchen permit, where we continue to bake and package pies for delivery and events! 

I love being home and being able to have a short commute to my work of baking! I have been a professional web designer, photographer, blogger and event planner, so stepping into the role of running this small business has been a fun use of all of my skills!

In 2022, I will be launching my second year of Pie Subscriptions, delivered in the areas near Aberdeen, Washington! Each month, we have a flavor of the month which is delivered to your home or office freshly baked on Friday mornings. 

Along with the pie subscription is our Oh Hi Handmade Surprise Box! I’m a lifelong DIY’er and previously also ran a quilting business for over 10 years! This box will include handmade home and personal accessories to give you a fun surprise each month.

The current events in our world have really given me a renewed vision for finding new ways to run a sustainable business. This is why I focus so much on subscriptions and choose to run my business from home. I have very limited wasted resources and continually find ways to be more efficient as the health of our planet is at the forefront in my mind! 


Our handpies are made from as many local ingredients as possible! The majority of our fruit comes from Washington state, if not from our own backyard!

Currently on our homestead, we grow a variety of Apples, Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Pumpkins, Lingonberries, and we will soon have our own Grapes, Peaches and Figs as well! Plus we grow a variety of our own veggies, herbs and edible flowers including lilacs, lavender, forsythia and hops.

Growing our own food also enables us to use food scraps, cardboard and more in our compost heap, feeding the soil for future production!

If only we could produce our own sugar! Our butter crust is made exclusively from Tillamook Creamery in Oregon and we are working toward using a Washington State flour grower as well.


Many of the fruits we use that we don’t currently grow, we still manage to hand pick! In the summer of 2021, we traveled to Yakima, Washington (during a heat wave, no less!) to pick our cherries and blueberries. We also buy from local growers and farms in Grays Harbor county. As much as possible, we use organic or pesticide free fruit and other ingredients.

To learn more about our flavors and ingredients, be sure to follow along with our Instagram account!