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We’re living in tough times and it can be difficult to find time or mental space to really search for a moment of peace, but I’ve found it to be essential for me now, as a parent of two small kids, working, running a business, etc. If I don’t treat myself right, everything quickly falls apart!

Here’s a few ideas that will hopefully help you too!

Take Inventory

I can be a bit of a data nerd. I like lists and I like to use lists to help me see the big picture. One of the things I like to keep track of is how I spend my time and how I’d *like* to spend my time. Having a clear understanding or a “vision board” of sorts helps me to find ways to incorporate more of my likes and find ways to cut back on things that are unnecessary.

This is also a space where I make a list for myself about the things I really do love. I love coffee (I know, it’s not a personality trait but I am very opinionated about coffee and like to try new things) and organizing and art. Keeping these things top of mind and assessing how I’m feeling day to day, I can often see that when I ignore one of these things for too long, I end up in a bad mood.

Take Yourself on a Date

This is a part of the book The Artist’s Way, where the author speaks a lot to the idea of creating dedicated space for yourself, physically but also with your time. Set up a regular time and day where you do something just for yourself, by yourself. It could be anything! A walk, a visit to your favorite coffee shop, going to the library to pick up new books to read. It doesn’t have to be expensive or incredibly time consuming, but it’s a way to remind yourself that you and your needs exist!

Create a Space Just for You

As I said, I like to be organized which can be incredibly difficult with a family. I try to create little spaces where I can have my *things* uncluttered or on display and hopefully also a space to sit and draw or read where my kids won’t bring their toys. Still working on finding that latter one, but it’s top of mind.

Rearrange Your Space

So, maybe you can’t find a dedicated space, but what about just rearranging what you already have? I find this to be the most refreshing task, especially in the past couple of years where getting out of the house has not been much of an option especially in the rainy winter. Move your couch, repaint a dresser, hang up some new artwork. It doesn’t even have to make sense for the long run! Just changing things up can help you have new perspectives in life.

Learn Something New

How easily we can get trapped in the same old, same old! If I’m feeling bummed out, it’s almost always because I’m not working toward anything new or challenging. Picking up a new hobby, reading a book, or taking a class is a great way to expand your horizons and find new inspiration. Last summer, I had an itch to learn about pottery, so I took a class! There are so many things to learn and it’s not only an opportunity to better yourself, but also a chance to do something that is truly for yourself.