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2020 was a “buy nothing” year, conveniently occurring in a year where we really couldn’t go out much anyway. While I’m certain we didn’t 100% follow the rules (I went on a sewing binge and definitely bought some fabric)… it was an enlightening year to stave off the urge to spend.

We were able to buy what we needed, but we also found a lot of resources that we already had on hand that filled needs, many of which we are continuing to do instead of going out and buying new items everytime something pops up.

For instance, we started our vegetable garden last year, using cut laurel branches to create raised beds instead of buying new lumber. And, since I began sewing again, I did a lot of recy-

For 2021, we’ve been hunkered down for these first few months, but now that there is some light at the end of the tunnel, my commitment for the year is a “buy local” year.

Why not keep as much spending as I possibly can in our own community? I will be doing my best to find items locally made before heading to any major re- tailers. The categories I’m mainly focusing on, as this is our biggest expenditure, is food. As well as home goods and renovation materials. Followed by person- al items, clothing and accessories.

I will be sharing throughout the process of my favorite discoveries and solutions! If you have any recommendations, please send an email to britta@