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My husband and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this weekend and while we like to keep our celebrations simple, especially this year, we have a few traditions…

Like cake! We had eight cakes at our wedding. I can’t completely remember why – for one thing I was trying not to spend a ton of money and I learned about a tradition in some places where prominent women are asked to bake for the wedding. We had cake (and cookies) baked by family and friends and it was one of the highlights for us! And my friends who love cake. We also had one small professionally made cake for our cake cutting and saved this for eating on our one year anniversary. Since then, we’ve eaten cake every year to celebrate.

We had this amazing S’mores cake from Deep Sea Sugar and Salt on our second anniversary. 

Our third anniversary I was pregnant and working full time in Olympia so I managed to grab a sampler tray of cake from Fred Meyer ?.

Our fourth anniversary, we ran off to Seattle and had two desserts! Cupcakes from Cupcake Royale (my personal favorite cupcake maker of all time) and a cute reindeer mousse/cake thing from Bakery Nouveau.

This year, I imagined we’d go and get another big cake from a favorite bakery, but with the increasing Covid numbers we’re going the DIY route! Stay on watch on our Instagram to see what we manage to create this Saturday!

Here were some runners up and places we will be hitting up in the future for sure: Coyles Bakeshop, Saint Frances, Lauretta Jeans, Sift and Gather.


One of the fun things about getting married near Christmas is that we have an excuse to escape and get a day to ourselves during this typically busy time.

This year, we’re staying home of course, but we have a little plan to take our kids on a night drive to look at lights and homes decorated for the holidays. It gives us a little pretend adventure and a moment without chasing kids.

Our first anniversary we spent at Vashon Island at The Lodges on Vashon, which was an amazing adventure and a place I hope to go back to someday soon!

Our second we went to Seattle and stayed in our family’s AirBnB near Wallingford/Fremont. This was great because we had our first baby and it gave us a home base to hang out while also getting to visit with our friends and family in the Seattle area AND we ate so much cake. I mentioned the cake from Deep Sea Sugar and Salt but we also got Trophy Cupcakes and treats from the bakery on the corner near our AirBnB.

Our third – again – just stayed home! I barely remember it honestly, as I was still in my first Trimester of pregnancy and was pretty much nauseous all day every day.

Our fourth we made a day trip to Seattle to eat eat eat! One of our favorite activities…. as seen in the photos above. We went to Seafood City to eat Bao, a Hawaiian Restaurant called Super Six (mochiko chicken is my favorite!) , and then West Seattle for desserts!

This year, we’re sticking close to home again and having a family dinner as we always do while dreaming about next year! Maybe we’ll make salmon, pansit, and savory pumpkin hand pies, like we had at our wedding. 



Our clever bartender saved us two bottles of wine from our wedding and labeled them for our 5th and 10th anniversaries. Genius! I would not have known to do this myself and it’s been fun having these little goal markers floating around our pantry. I’m pretty excited to break into this bottle of wine this year finally!

We always love to celebrate with a nice glass of wine – when I was pregnant, we even got alcohol free wine. Which might sound terrible, but it is really good! The Fre Sparkling Brut was my personal fave.

How do you celebrate your milestones like anniversaries? Big nights out? Fancy? Or keep it casual? Comment below!