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This year has obviously provided so many challenges and loss for so many people. It’s likely that none of us have been untouched by some major altered reality… which really made me think about the idea of “2020 Vision” and how that may really be an accurate metaphor for the year.

For myself, it has truly been an eye opening year. Many things have become clear and, after the fog of the last few years, with little kids and struggling to make a business that works, I actually feel like I have a better understanding of myself and my community because of the challenges we faced globally in 2020.

I have had to really dig deep, get back to basics, and find underlying issues or dreams I have previously had hidden away in order to keep going and find new solutions. Oh Hi Handpies has been a roller coaster ride since the very beginning, but this has felt like the final mountainous climb! After launching last November – in a commercial kitchen… with an office space… and attempting to do it all while also running my other business… and having a baby in July 2019… it has been an up and down ride. I sold my other business in April, left the commercial kitchen space in May, and just wrapped up the lease on our office space yesterday!

Some things that have become clear, as I’ve been truly introspective. It’s easy, as a person with dreams of running a business, to look around and see what OTHER people are doing. Or to know in your logical brain what SHOULD work. Well, when you own a business – it will all fall on you – not only to know with your brain what or how to do it, but also to use your hands and your time to actually DO it. It can be easy to become annoyed with everyone! I’ve been there. It’s not fun.

To talk business for a minute – it’s important to know what you’re willing to risk, where your energy lies, and the essence of WHY you want to be doing this anyway. In the last 6 months, I have shifted from thinking about what will or should make money to thinking more about how I want my day to day life to look. For this period of my life, I love being at home! Which is also convenient since we’re not really supposed to be going out.

When I was at peak frustration, I kept thinking… I wish I could just get paid to clean and decorate my own house! Over and over. That might sound silly, but it is at the base of what I’m doing here. My business also requires a lot of my time spent here at a computer, writing blog posts, and also strategizing, and baking! But I want my WHY to show through to you… in a way, being transparent.

The things I’m sharing, selling or making… it’s because this is what I love to do. I want to make my home a nice place. I enjoy cleaning! I crave coziness! I spend a lot of time every day thinking, making or eating food!

Another global enlightenment is realizing that these choices I make in my home, around cleaning, purchasing habits, and food… impact other people and my community. I want to spend more thoughtful time really considering how I can be a good influence with these actions – and that also includes using Oh Hi as a conduit to good influence too!

I’m so glad you’ve made it this far and read a bit of my story and how I got here! It is full of challenges and I’m learning every day and finding new ways to persevere through challenging times. My heart goes out to everyone struggling! There is not simple path and we all face unique challenges. I only hope I can be here to help bring some joy to your day – whether your love language is served by eating hand pies, a gift of fun goodies delivered to your door, reading the words I write, following along on Instagram, or joining me for a DIY project. I’m happy you’re here!