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It’s (almost) fall in the PNW! Yet another season – where we’re still under a level of quaratine/social distancing precautions to keep safe – and, if you’re like me and have kids who are getting VERY ANTSY, you might need to get out. At least outside… or something different.

Here are a few ideas for you – some things that we have planned for the season ourselves! And don’t forget that if you want to make your way down here to Grays Harbor: #1 please be safe! Keep your distance, wear a mask. and #2 check in on our online store to see if we’re making pies at the time of your visit! You can pre-order and plan a local pick up. I promise you, hand pies will enhance the experience.

  1. CHAPMAN FARMS, 239 Brady Loop Rd E, Montesano, WA

Chapman Farms is nestled just under the ominous Nuclear Towers in Satsop, which you can see from the highway as you drive toward the coast. The farm currently has U-Pick Corn but also is more well known for their pumpkin patch! You can also purchase a variety of squashes at the farm store. And they have wagons… which is cute and my kids essentially resisted walking at any point during our visit because they just wanted to go on a ride.

2. Seabrook

If you’re looking for a way to social distance your stay but still have a lot of entertainment near by, consider visiting Seabrook! They have home rentals and a variety of shops and restaurants. Plus you’re steps away from the beach! Well, it’s a climb/descent to the beach – down a giant stair case. If you’re brining the kids make sure you’re ready to hike back up with them on your shoulders!

3. Roosevelt Beach

Not too far south from Seabrook is Roosevelt Beach, my personal favorite beach. It’s rarely crowded and it’s a beach you can drive onto. It’s also one of the beaches you can drive onto where I don’t fear getting my rear tired stuck in the sand. It has beautiful cliffside backdrop and plenty of room to spread out away from other visitors.

4. Mushroom Foraging in the Woods

Could Grays Harbor be any better for social distancing? How about a romp through the forest to collect Chanterelle Mushrooms? Just make sure you know that you’re not trespassing on private property! And that you have a good guide for identifying mushrooms.

5. Lake Quinault Hike or Just Some Peace and Quiet

The most serene location… I’ve ever been to? There something about the lapping lake water and the muted sounds of giant rainforest trees in the breeze. It’s so quiet and the lodge has a great lawn to sit back on. Or take a hike through the Quinault Rainforest, especially great on a crisp but not too rainy October day which we often are lucky enough to have in this area!

6. Picnic at a park in Aberdeen

Maybe you’re not ready for an extra long adventure or just need a pit-stop in town before you head to the beach, grab a snack or meal from a local restaurant (our favorites include La Salvadorena, Breakwater Seafood, and Thai Carrot) and have a picnic in one of our great parks! There’s plenty of room to spread out at Sam Benn Park in Aberdeen, Makarenko Park in Cosmopolis or just take a walk through the Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge.

7. Hay Rides and Pumpkin Picking at Shaffner Farms, 158 Geissler Rd, Montesano, WA 98563

Is it even possible to get your fill of pumpkin in the short fall season? We’re making pumpkin pies, so.. no… there is never enough! This farm is a great stop with kids and makes for a lovely little drive through farm country. They also still have U-Pick Raspberries available!

8. Country Bike Ride

Speaking of beautiful country roads – how about a bike ride? We love the loop next to Chapman Farms. It’s a short ride and would be great to bring along the kids on a sunny fall day. Add on a stop at the farm for a pumpkin photo opportunity and you’ve got a great Saturday!

9. Westport Docks

The fall is a great time to head out toward Westport to see all of the fishing boats on the docks and maybe a sea lion yelping at you. Westport is a great small town where you can see a lot in a short distance and the beach access is nearby, and often full of surfers!

10. Westport Winery

Another fun outdoor space that is always full of surprises is the Westport Wintery. Their grounds include a variety of art sculptures, interactive pieces, a small maze and a bocce ball court. They also, of course, have food and wine… but it makes for a fun adventure with the family!

What are your favorite things to do in Grays Harbor this fall? Comment below!