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While I was pulling apart this lavender to be used for some unknown future project, I started thinking about the life of this lavender – and also, just how very farmy I felt in the moment. 

For one, I was wearing a black and white check maxi skirt and standing at my butcher block counters saving dried lavender… I don’t consider my style to be anything even remotely “country” but I was feeling, maybe, “french country” for a few moments.

But anyway, this lavender was brought to me by my daughter who went out for the day sometime last year with my mom and sisters. They visited a lavender farm nearby and brought this bunch home for me. It has graced my nightstand for almost a year.

*Side note: I have never been someone who receives a lot of flowers. I swear there is something in my “aura” that does not encourage others to bring me flowers. I’ve kind of been bummed about this my whole life but this kid of mine is making up for lost time.*

Lavender smells so good. This is, probably, one of the most relaxing chores I can think of. Pulling off the buds and releasing that lovely scent! I love a good kitchen prep project anyway (which is why I like making pies – so much prep work!), but adding in the intense smell just makes it 1000x better.

Now that I have a bowl of dried lavender buds, I’ll find something else to do with it. Maybe use it for my lavender pillow projects or make some fun sachets for myself. 

In the midst of this, I was pondering resourcefullness and how important it is to me. I am, honestly, very uninterested in “consumerism” and what that means (to me at least). Everything I own must serve a purpose – and hopefully it serves a few purposes. I love something like lavender. It served as a sweet gift from my daughter, something to brighten my nightstand, and now it will have its third life as a warm scented pillow to grace my forehead when I’m feeling worn out.

Resourcefulness means making the most of something, and I think we all can be resourceful in our own way, with what we have. Some people have money they can use to make great change or impacts on people without as much, some of us have a lot of time on our hands (hello pandemic quarantine) and can create something new, some of us have a great resource of wisdom or a certain skill that can be used to help others… or just make improvements in our own lives. 

Even here at Oh Hi, I hope to serve a resourceful purpose – still figuring it out a bit – but I’d love to share what I have with those who could use it! I’m just over here making what I can with what I have, which brings me joy in my french country kitchen.